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HQ-170A receiver built by Hammarlund in approximately 1960.

The HQ-170A is a 17-tube superheterodyne triple conversion (3035 Kc, 455 Kc, 60 Kc) receiver that covers the 160-6m bands in seven segments. The receiver has an adjustable slot filter that provides up to 40 db attenuation to help eliminate unwanted co-channel interference over a 10 Kc range. In addition, a slot depth control can provide an additional 20 db rejection at any one single frequency. A linear product detector, separate from the AM modulation detector, is used for CW telegraphy and SSB detection.

The 17-tube lineup is as follows: Power requirement is 120 watts at 105-125 VAC.

The unit measures 10.5" x 19" x 13" and weighs 38 lbs.

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