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Jack Harper, President/Secure Outcomes Inc.

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Jack Harper has a thirty year history of defining and implementing new technology security, biometrics, AI and crypto-related products and getting them to market. He has been in the forensic quality livescan fingerprinting market for almost a decade.

He has many years experience designing, building and fielding secure and security-related systems and enjoys taking new products to market. Harper's past (and current) work has involved real-time embedded hardware/software crypto systems; advanced digital livescan fingerprinting and biometrics systems; internal crypto details of the U.S. Green Card; the design of variable-topology supercomputer systems for artificial intelligence, molecular modeling, image processing, and other applications; vaguely autonomous laser-imaging guided mobile security robots; medical instrumentation (kidney dialysis and laparoscopic ultrasound gear) and others.

He is an excellent presenter and has made over fifty presentations at product conferences and tradeshows.

Harper holds eight issued patents: 9,569,655, 9,342,732, 8,676,046, 8,331,775, 7,128,258, 7,107,457, 7,775,774 and RSA 2005/01261.

U.S. Pat. 9,569,655 Digital Voting Logic for Manufacturable Finger Asperity Wafer-Scale Solid State Palm Print Scan Devices; U.S. Pat. 9,342,732 Artificial Intelligence Methods for Difficult Forensic Fingerprint Collection; U.S. Pat. 8,676,046 Fingerprint Scanning Systems and Methods Redux; U.S. Pat. 8,331,775 Fingerprint Scanning Systems and Methods; U.S. Pat. 7,128,258 Optical Immunization Card; U.S. Pat. 7,107,457 Optical Card Based System for Individualized Tracking and Record Keeping Redux; U.S. Pat. 6,775,774 Optical Card Based System for Individualized Tracking and Record Keeping; and South African Pat. 2005/01261 Optical Banking Card.

Harper has worked, consulted, and sold systems with feet on the ground in 22 countries. He has an MBA degree from the University of Denver and a B.S. Electrical Engineering and a B.A. Mathematics degree with a four-year Minor in Russian Language and Studies from the University of Houston.

Harper founded Secure Outcomes Inc., which manufactures and sells advanced forensic quality digital livescan fingerprint collection, archiving, and transmission systems with well over 300 system sales to date across the United States to almost 125 police departments, four federal airports, numerous educational institutions, government/military groups including the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Department of Verterans Affairs and many others including 70+ Class III firearms dealers. He has, in the past, held security clearances to the Secret level and above as a civilian contractor to NATO forces/Europe, DHS/ICE/INS, NASA etc.

Harper's personal interests, as time permits, include the History of Computing -- especially Ancient Lisp Systems (Harper has assembled a collection of still working 30 year old Lisp Machines (an enormous Symbolics 3650 and several 3620's) and components (e.g., about a hundred Symbolics triple-high VME boards) from the primordial age of symbolic processing); the Internals of LISP Programming Systems; Amateur Radio (WØYJ -- CW on 20/40 meter HF) especially with vacuum tube receivers/transmitters from the 1950s/1960s; Voracious reading (history, politics, tech, early 20th century literature); Investments; Flying -- stick time in Cessna 150/172/177, Bellanca 14-13-2, Stearman PT-17, J-3 Cub, Sweitzer sailplane and others; Amateur Astronomy with a Celestron NexStar 11 GPS and a Cave Astrola 10 inch Reflector (under restoration); Scuba Diving (PADI Open Water Certified); Chess (not very well); Cycling; and Skiing. Harper parachuted some years ago and hopes to take that up again as time and courage permits. He does his best to walk three miles every day where he lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at 8,000-feet elevation.

Harper is (slowly!) writing a book on the early history (1955 - 1962) of the development of the LISP 1.5 programming language by John McCarthy & Friends along with its first applications to build the classic early AI programs on the IBM 709/7090/7094 mainframes of that time.

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