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Weather Information Web Cameras West Texas WWII History

Antenna Simulation/Design

Antenna Design Associates, Inc. - Software
SuperNEC - Software

Artificial Life

Artificial Life Group - MIT
Artificial Life OnLine- v2.0

Artificial Intelligence

Cycorp - CYC Knowledge Base
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research


Space Weather Site - NOAA


Asteroid Impact - Effects
Bonestell Space Art
Cave Astrola Enthusiasts' Page
Current Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Image - Real Time Solar Image
Dark Sky Locator - Satellite Imagery
Denver Astronomical Society
Doc G's Information Site - Practical Tips
Heaven's Above - Satellite Tracking
Interview with Jocelyn Bell - Pulsars
Sky and Telescope
Sky Writer - What Happened to Robert Burnham
Sounds of Jupiter - Audio Files
Sounds of Pulsars - Audio Files
Visible Earth - Satellite Imagery
Astro Physics, Inc. - Telescopes
Coronado Instrument Group - Hydrogen Alpha Filters
DFM Engineering, Inc. - Telescopes
Technical Innovations, Inc. - Home Observatory Domes
Software Bisque, Inc. - Astronomical Software

Boatanchors (...Ancient Vacuum Tube Radios)

Meeting People with Ham Radios (contributed by Abby/Delaware) - Amateur Radio News
Dodd's Station - 1913
Electronics Information Page - General Info & Standards
Enigma 2000 Newsletter - Spook Stations
International Marconi Day - Cornish Radio Amateur Club
Jim Hawkins Radio Page - Commercial Transmitting Stations
Mangled Hand - Reminder - 7600 VDC
NASA VLF On-Line Radio - Listen In on SPHERICS
Pikes Peak Regional Calendar - Amateur Events in the Colorado Rockies
QRZ.Com - Callsign Directory
Radio Station Grimeton - Alexanderson Alternator - Sweden - Maritime Radio Operator (in German)
Spooks Newsletter - Numbers Stations
Web Controlled Shortwave Radio - Listen
4-1000A Project - Schematics etc
Amplifier Parts - Components
Homebrew Amplifiers - Links to Amp Project Pages
Measures' Web Page - Richard Measures Amp Site
N2BC's Amplifer - Twin 4-1000As
Adcock Antenna - DF
Wullenweber/CDDA Antenna Homepage
Maritime Radio Historical Society - Station KPH and History
Tube Collectors'a Association
Government Sites
Field Station Augsberg
MARS - Military Affiliate Radio System
Hammarlund Related
The Hammarlund Historian
National Related
History of the National Company
R-390/R-390A Related
Collins R390A/URR - Very Nice Photos
Heavy Metal Site - R-390/R-390A/SP-600
R390 Restorations - Sequences
Spooks - Photo
Shack Sites
KK5IM -- Collins
W8ZR - Jim Garland
Antenna Products, Inc. - Commercial/Military Antennae
LBA Group, Inc. - Commercial Antennae
Mike's Electric Stuff - UK Based Ancient Items
Polyphaser -- Lightning Diversion Devices
Tektronix - Scopes
Universal Radios, Inc. - General
VF Series - Vertical Antennae
W7FG - Vintage Manuals
WWII History
Convoy Cruising Order


Schrödinger, Inc. - Molecular Modeling
Tinker - Molecular Modeling


British Chess Federation - Organization
Caissa's Web Home Page - Online Chess Server
Chess Cafe - Reading etc. - Online Chess Server
History of Chess
Internet Chess Club - Online Chess Server
US Chess Federation - Organization

Cold War -- History

Cold War Museum - Virtual Museum
GRAB - First Recon Satellite
National Atomic Museum - Sandia


Cronics - Definitions
Cryonics Institute - Brain in Vat for only $28k! - "Rapid on the Spot Care"
Head in Jar...
World Death Rate Holding Steady at 100 Percent...


Applied Cryptography - The Book
Applied Cryptography - OnLine!
Biometric Consortium - Organization
Bletchley Park - WWII Crypto - Codes and Ciphers in WWII - Matt Blaze's Crypto Resource Site
Crypto and Security - Several Thousand Crypto Links by Ron Rivest/MIT
Crypto Law Survey - Legal Changes around the World
Crypto Links - Schneir's List
Crypto Machines - Jerry Proc's Machine Site
Crypto Resource Library - Cryptography Research, Inc.
Crypto Source - Listings
CryptoGram - Bruce Schneir's Newsletter
Cryptography Papers Index - ~1500 On-Line Papers
Cryptome - Articles and News
Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Introduction/Primer - Cryptography and Liberty 2000
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. - Systems Security
Cryptologia - Quarterly Journal
David Hamer's Site - Cipher Machines
Frode Weierud's Cryptology Page - Enigma et. al.
HoneyNet Project - Motives of the Blackhat Community
National Cryptologic Museum - NSA
Office of Strategic Trade and Foreign Policy Controls - Commercial Encryption Export Controls (BXA - USA)
Peter Gutman's Crypto Links
PGP User's List
Quantum World Corporation - Random Number Hardware
Ritter Software Engineering - Crypto Software and Consulting
SIGSALY - Secure Com during WWII
RSA Security - Software and Consulting
The Turing Bombe - Rebuild Project
The Turing Page - Andrew Hodges
Turing's Treatise on Enigma - The Prof's Book
Web Sites of Interest to Crypto Researchers
Zimmermann, Phil - Home Site

Essays and other Writings

1984 by George Orwell (Do Not Access from the USA!)
Animal Farm by George Orwell (Do Not Access from the USA!) (Orwell)
Embrace, Don't Relinquish the Future by Max More
Philip K. Dick - Author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (made into the film Blade Runner), Valis, and many other classic SF novels
Unabomber's Manifesto by Kaczynski
Why Cryptography is Hard by Bruce Schneir
Why the Future doesn't Need Us by Bill Joy

Fermat's Last Theorem

Fermat's Last Theorem - Interview with Prof.Wiles
Fermat's Last Theorem - Interview with Wiles & John Conway
Modular Elliptic Curves and Fermat's Last Theorem - Wiles' Paper
Proving Fermat's Last Theorem - Nova
Proving Fermat's Last Theorem - Sequence
The Solving of Fermat's Last Theorem - Rubin Lecture


International Cessna 195 Club - Classic Airplane
NACA Technical Report Server - Reprints of Early Papers
National Air & Space Museum


Global Positioning Overview - Technical Details
GPS - Vendors

Human Genome

NIH Site - Human Genome


World Wide Web Consortium - Definitions, Standards, News, and Validators
Animated GIFs - Software
HTML Character Set - Table

Information Sources

BND - Deutschland
CESG - UK - Travel to Cuber
FAS - Federation of American Scientists
FBI/FOIA - Reading Room
Gertz File, The - News and Analysis - News & Analysis - Analysis
MI5 - UK
NMIA - National Military Intelligence Association - Analysis
Stratfor, Inc. - Analysis
TommaX, Inc. - Publications


Bandwidth Place - Measure your Bandwidth
INTERNIC - Whois & Friends


LISP History - Prof. Stoyan
Memory Management Reference - GC Articles
PDP-10: LISP 1.6 - Software Listing
The Origin of CAR and CDR in LISP - Steve Russell

Map Sites

MapBlast, Inc. - Maps by Zip Code - London Street Maps


Buckyball Web Site - Stony Brook
Foresight Institute - Preparing for Nanotechnology
Molecular Assembly Software - Macintosh
NanoCAD - in JAVA
Nanomedicine - Extensive
Nanotechnology Magazine - Home Page
Nanotechnology Timeline
Planetary Gear - Videos

Organizations etc.

International Theodore Dreiser Society
BLAND Corporation - oops, I mean RAND Corporation...
Santa Fe Institute


US Patent Office - Searches etc.

People Sites

Baker, Henry - LISP & Memory Management Papers
Brooks, Rodney - Robot Builder
Fredkin, Ed - Digital Mechanics
Gruner, Ron - Parallel Hardware Builder/Entrepreneur
Fisher, Glenn - Univac Guy
McCarthy, John - AI Guy
Merkle, Ralph - RSA Guy
Minsky, Marvin - AI Guy
Moravec, Hans - Robot Builder
Record, James Newton - Software Engineer Extraordinaire
Slagle, James R. - Creator of SAINT
Walker, John - Univac Guy/Entrepreneur


Eudora with PGP - Review - PGP Security

Physics - Archived Papers
Einstein Papers Project - Collection
HAARP - High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program
International Relativity Numerical Group - Crunchers...
Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Laboratory - LIGO
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Main Site
Los Alamos National Laboratory - Research Library
LSU Gravitational Wave Experiment - Hardware
Nuclear Weapons - Detailed FAQ/FAS
On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies - Einstein's 1905 Paper
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - Time Standards et. al.

PI Information

Download the First Ten-Million Digits of PI (Shift/Left-Click)
Bailey, David's Home Page - Compute the nth Digit of PI and only the nth Digit
Elias' PI Page - Binary & Audible Representations


Libertarian Party - Official Site - Current Events - Polling -- Most Accurate Last Cycle

Programming Languages and Ancient Computers

Birthplace of the First Business Computer - Univac
DEC PDP-8 -Photos and Emulator
HP Calculator Museum - Photos & Descriptions
Jovial Lives - Ancient Language
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection - IBM 7090 et. al.

Reference Sites

American Heritage Book of English Usage - Grammar et. al.
Census 2000 - Look it Up...
Hacker's Dictionary - Jargon
On Line Books - They're Out There... - Search for Titles
Thesaurus - Roget's


Scuba Sites

Diving the Great Barrier Reef - Solomon Islands also
Shark Cam...


SETI@Home - Aerocibo Data Crunch...
SETI Institute - Frank Drake & Company

Space Flight

Atlas 3 Flight - Videos
Cassini Flight - Saturn/Titan
Fusion Propulsion
JP Aerospace - Amateur Rocketry to 72,000 Feet
Lost Cosmonauts - USSR Space Programs
Mars Academy - Colonization
Spaceflight Now - News
Project Pluto
Warp Drive When?


Beowulf - Parallel Linux
A Seymour Cray Perspective - Gordon Bell
Supercomputer Rankings

Symbolics LISP Machines

A Few Things I Know about LISP Machines
LISP Machine Supplies - Vendor
LISP Machines - Site running on a Symbolics
My Symbolics Workstation - Photos
SLUG Mailing List - Symbolics LISP Users' Group
Symbolics LISP Machine Museum - Ralf Moller
Symbolics Technical Summary - Document


Tempest Page

Tesla Coils

Nikola Tesla Page - Links
Sparks and Arcs - Nice Photos

Time Servers

US Naval Observatory - Time Service
World Time Server - Time Anywhere


Extropy Institute - Positive Futures
Journal of Evolution and Technology

Videos, Interesting

Original 1984 Advert (13Mb) - Introduced Macintosh to the World during the 1984 SuperBowl (© Apple Computer, Inc.) - Text of "1984": For today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created, for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology. Where each worker may bloom secure from the pests of contradictory and confusing truths. Our Unification of Thought is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people. With one will. One resolve. One cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death. And we will bury them with their own confusion. We shall prevail! - Named Greatest Ad of All Time -- Created by Chiat/Day

Weather Information

Hurricane Web Cam - Live Satellite Imagery
Intellicast - Weather
Lightning Map of US -- Almost Real-Time

Web Cameras

Birdcam - New Zealand
Evergreen, Colorado
Galveston Surf Cam
Houston - Skyline
London - Big Ben
London - Oxford Circus
River Thames Cam
South Pole
Tokyo - Tokyo Tower
Trafalgar Square
Vilnius, Lithuania

West Texas

Paducah, Texas - Birthplace
The Four Sixes Ranch - Childhood Home was in Guthrie, Texas right in the middle of the 6666 Ranch

WWII History

11th Bombardment Squadron in China - Dad's (T/Sgt. W. Jack Harper (Sr.) Group
Dad's B-25 before he arrived in Kunming - (I Think - More Research Needed)
FDR Library
Winston Churchill Site -- Last Revision: 15 April 2011
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